What I Do


The Translation Process



The first step is to scope out the text to be translated. That is, the subject matter and content, how long it is, the writing style, if it is technical, the various sections, etc. Once I’ve read the text, I can understand what it will be used for.

Initial Translation

In this step, the document is systematically translated, typically in chunks of 5 – 10 words at a time. I make sure to be using the right terminology and necessary adaptations. I can translate texts in English, Spanish and French.


Accuracy Check

After the first draft is completed, I will then methodically work through his/her translation comparing each chunk of text with the original (source) text. The primary goal here is to confirm no content has been missed and no meaning misinterpreted.

Clear the Mind

This step is very simple but also very necessary. I just need to take a step back and distance myself from the text for a while. It is very important because it is the only way of letting me review the text one last time with an objective eye.


Final Polishing

In the final step, the I re-read the translation, this time without reference to the source document, looking solely at the quality of expression. Final edits will be made to further refine and “polish” the translated text.

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