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marketing strategy

The Marketing Process

Market Analysis

Before we start the marketing process, we need to analyse and benchmark the market in which your company or product is located. We need to understand the Media that should be used and what opportunities we have in terms of advertising.


Objectives and KPIs

Once we understand the market, we need to establish realistic goals for our strategy. We establish objectives and KPIs so we can accurately measure our work and so we always have a common goal in mind. These can change over time.



Regardless of what you do and the market you’re in, a solid Search Engine strategy is always important. We need to make sure that potential costumers are finding you and your offer easily through the classic channels like Google.

Digital Campaigns

Once we’ve decided when and where we should be advertising, we need to work on the campaigns themselves. Obviously, a Social Media campaign is not the same as an Awareness campaign, so the building and optimizing will change accordingly. 


A crucial part of the process, reporting allows me to show you how our strategy is developping while giving you clear results

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