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The Branding Process


Information Gathering

The first step is always figuring out what you and your business are all about. You may also already have ideas regarding names, colors or even design, so I make sure to ask as many questions and do as much research as possible during this phase.

Brand Positioning

Once I’ve understood the industry and how your company would position itself within it, I start the positioning process: What is your true value proposition? What will your Mission/Vision be? What type of message will most appeal to your core target?


Name Selection

Here is where the true creative process begins. We not only select a name based on the brand positioning, but we also develop a universe with terms and guidelines. The process of selecting the perfect name for your company is always fun and inspiring!

Corporate Identity

Hand-in-hand with the name, I then work on what will be your company’s brand identity. The main product is obviously the logo, but I also define other elements like the color palette: This exercise is a back and forward that only stops once you’re fully satisfied.


Brand Manual and Elements

As the last step of the branding process, we have the Brand Manual: a handy guide that describes how your corporate identity should be used in all circumstances. You will have all the basics you need for a brilliant brand.

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