About Me

Problem-solver, full of ideas, happy.

I’ve spent the past five years helping companies establish their brand and hit their marketing goals. Having worked in several startups, I’ve learned to be resourceful, managed budgets, and have proven to be an excellent multi-tasker. I’ve worked on everything from website design, campaign management, and branding. At the same time, I’ve lead teams of up to 8 people, where my organization, problem-solving and teamwork abilities have proven to be effective.

After graduating from Sup De Pub Bordeaux in 2012, I decided to focus my career in the digital advertising universe. I’ve been developing my skills ever since, to the point where I was able to make it my specialty.

While focusing on digital advertising, I also decided to pursue my passion: branding. Being able to mix the two together has given me a skill set that few agencies (let alone individuals) have.

My Skills

  • Digital Marketing 95%
  • Marketing Strategies 90%
  • Branding 80%
  • Web Design 85%

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